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While Solomon is universally associated with wisdom, this film delves into both the successes and the failures of one of the most intriguingly complex characters of the Bible. A nation builder who married foreign princesses to maintain peace only to lose hold of the united nation he had worked a lifetime towards. A man of the people who dressed in disguise to be among his subjects only to be accused of being out of touch with them. And a prolific lover of women who married many times over only to have his spirit crushed after his one true love leaves him. When Solomon (Ben Cross) outmaneuvers his brother Adonijah and ascends to the throne he has the blessing of his elderly father, King David (played by Max von Sydow), who entrusts him to build a magnificent Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant and create a permanent home for his nation. It is a monumental task and when it is finished it brings great praise from far and wide. Visitors from foreign and distant lands come to see it for themselves--including the beautiful Queen of Sheba (Vivica Fox) with whom King Solomon falls in love. When it becomes clear that their son will never ascend to Solomon's throne, Sheba returns to her homeland leaving Solomon adrift and unfocused with trouble brewing in his kingdom. It appears that Solomon's strategy of averting war through marrying wives from other cultures and religions has backfired--his own people are displeased with the increasing foreign influence on Israelite ways. But Solomon is old and weary, unable to take the necessary action to avert the damning prophecy that his kingdom is destined to be divided. And so it is upon his death, leaving Solomon with a mixed legacy of stunning successes along with one colossal failure.

Ben Cross Vivica Fox
David Suchet Max Von Sydow
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Director: Roger Young
Writer: Bradley T. Winter
Producer: Lorenzo Minoli
Executive Producer:Gerald Rafshoon
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