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Gary Oldman and Jeremy Sisto lead an all-star cast in this beautifully-produced rendition of the story of Jesus. Airing on CBS in 1999 to rave reviews and high ratings, the miniseries follows the evolution of Jesus from a devoted son and simple carpenter to that of a spiritual renegade beloved by his followers. Set against politically turbulent times in Galilee, Jesus must first contend with his own self-doubt about his calling before attempting to change the hearts and minds of his people. As Jesus' influence rises so, too, do the number of his enemies--both human and spiritual. While the film remains true to the story of Jesus, it also brings an honest humanity to him--complete with strengths and weaknesses--that resonates with today's worldwide audiences. And with the few modern twists--Jesus appears in a suit at the end--the miniseries reasserts the timelessness of the story of Jesus and his message of love and acceptance.

Shot on locations in Morocco and Malta, JESUS boasts spectacular sets and costumes, giving the miniseries an unsurpassed authenticity for original television programming. Rounding out the international supporting cast is: Jacqueline Bisset, Debra Messing, Jeroen Krabbe and Armin Mueller-Stah. Directed by Roger Young and written by Suzette Couture, JESUS was nominated for two Emmy Awards, including Best Miniseries.

Emmy nominated for best miniseries, this production received worldwide critical acclaim.


Jeremy Sisto Debra Messing
Armin Mueller-Stahl Gary Oldman
Jacqueline Bisset Jeroen Krabbe
Director: Roger Young
Writer: Suzette Couture
Executive Producers:Lorenzo Minoli & Judd Parkin
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