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Founded in 1995 by Emmy-award winning producer Lorenzo Minoli, Five Mile River Films is an international production company that delivers impressive results--to its financial investors, to its co-producers, to its partnering networks, to its distributors and, most importantly, to its world-wide audiences. Over the course of ten years, Mr. Minoli and Five Mile River Films have produced over $200 million worth of quality programming. From critically-acclaimed films like CAESAR (TNT) to huge ratings blockbusters like JESUS (CBS) and NICHOLAS' GIFT (CBS), Mr. Minoli has consistently and successfully assembled international casts and crews that make for award-winning entertainment events.

Based in Connecticut (the symbolic, as well as the literal, halfway point between Los Angeles and Europe), Five Mile River Films has distinguished itself as the company most able to facilitate successful U.S.-European co-productions. With partners like ABC, CBS, TNT, Beta/Kirch Group, RAI, FRANCE 2 and Mediaset, Mr. Minoli has developed a reputation for being able to broker deals, secure financing and bring projects to completion using all the resources of the international film production and broadcast communities. Shooting in locations as diverse as Morocco, Lithuania, Rome and Malta, Five Mile River Films has the necessary experience to manage far-reaching and multi-cultural productions in exotic locales that come in on budget and on schedule.

Mr. Minoli is a "hands-on" producer who understands it is important to be involved with every facet of a project. This includes lining up financial investors and partners, developing the script, hiring writers and directors, working with casting agents, scouting locations, overseeing the production while on location, managing the budget, monitoring the post-production and negotiating distribution deals. The end result of this approach is multiple awards, high ratings, impressive reviews and quality films. And while Five Mile River Films prides itself on the commercial success of its films, Mr. Minoli feels it is of equal importance to develop projects which offer something more than just entertainment. Whether it is the uplifting lessons in The Bible Series, the inspirational tale of NICHOLAS' GIFT or the unvarnished spirituality of JESUS, Five Mile River Films strives to enlighten audiences as well as delight them.

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