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Seeming to have the most resonance with modern audiences of any other Bible story, DAVID offers the full range of human emotion and experience. From jealousy and infidelity to guilt, pride and forgiveness, it is all there in the larger-than-life character of King David. His is an adventure that touches our hearts and, at its most heroic, inspires us. The film opens during the reign of King Saul, who is riddled with insecurities and self-doubt. Fueling these insecurities is David, who becomes a well-known hero by vanquishing the giant Goliath while just a teenager. The prophet Samuel sees the promise in David and secretly anoints him the new king according to God's will. But Saul will have none of that and tries to kill David, who flees and goes into exile. When Saul dies in battle, the new King David rides into Jerusalem triumphant. But life soon becomes complicated. Falling in love with Bathsheba, a married woman whom he impregnates, David loses control of his best judgment and commits a terrible sin--sending Bathsheba's unsuspecting husband into battle to perish. It is a sin the King will pay dearly for, even after he marries Bathsheba. Not only does their first son die, but Absalom, David's oldest son, leads a rebellion against his father, uprooting David from Jerusalem. As the two factions prepare for battle, David instructs his soldiers that his son's life should be spared. But his orders are ignored and, in their victory, Absalom is killed. It seems to be the final divine punishment for David's sin against Bathsheba's husband. His only solace is that God has promised that Solomon, their son, shall succeed him to the throne. Thus, after a life of political intrigue, dangerous battles, surging passions and, at times, questionable judgment, David will die--at the very least--a proud father.

Airing in 1996 on TNT, DAVID was directed by Robert Markowitz and written by Larry Gross. The cast features Jonathon Pryce, Leonard Nimoy, Sheryl Lee and Nathaniel Parker. Shot on location in Morocco, the sets and costumes are of the highest quality and give this rendition of DAVID an unmatched authenticity.

Nathaniel Parker Jonathan Pryce
Leonard Nimoy Sheryl Lee
Director: Robert Markowitz
Writer: Larry Gross
Producer: Lorenzo Minoli
Executive Producer:Gerald Rafshoon
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