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In the first film of The Bible Series, Richard Harris is brilliant in his nuanced portrayal of a very complex, human and, at times, conflicted Abraham. Airing on TNT in 1993, ABRAHAM received an Emmy nomination for Best Miniseries and garnered excellent reviews. "Go from your father's house to the land I will show you... I will make of you a great nation" are the words God speaks to Abraham in the beginning of the story and they set into motion the many tests Abraham and his people will endure--from drought to war to famine--while making their journey to the unknown Promised Land. Throughout, Abraham must learn to trust his one God and to keep his faith, even though at times he is confused by the trials being put before him. The final test--that of sacrificing his beloved son Isaac on the mountaintop--proves to Abraham that his trust in the goodness of his God will ultimately make things right. Isaac is spared and Abraham can and will never again doubt his faith.

Directed by Joseph Sargent and written by Robert McKee, ABRAHAM boasts an international supporting cast including Barbara Hershey, Vittorio Gassman, Maximillian Schell and Carolina Rosi. Shot on location in Morocco, the sets and costumes set the standard for future event programming.

Richard Harris Barbara Hershey
Maximilian Schell Vittorio Gassman
Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: Robert McKee
Producer: Lorenzo Minoli
Executive Producer: Gerald Rafshoon
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